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The destination for business leaders & entrepreneurs who believe in the power to make a difference

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Get to know what we do

One Stop Solution for Your Business Needs

From being a direct lender to sourcing equity to setting up a Joint Venture, we do it all! We love working with businesses all shapes and sizes. 

Direct Loan Programs

We are a direct provider of a No Doc (or Light Doc) loans up to 5 million USD for real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and foreign investors. We lend base on the value of the real estate, not your income or tax returns. We want to empower other entrepreneurs. If you are a self employed and have been having a difficult time securing a loan, contact us and let's see if we can fund your next real estate project! We cover residential properties, including single family homes, condos, mixed-use to multifamily, and commercial properties including office, retail, warehouse, self-storage and automotive. 

Capital Sourcing Consultation

Projects struggling to reach their funding goals lack an understanding of capital markets, available programs, alternative and creative funding strategies, and how to put together a total business plan that would be considered "viable" for funding groups or investors.

We have the expertise to get your project "shovel-ready" to save you time and the hassle of getting the capital you desire. We conduct Strategy Sessions to deep dive into your business and figure out a total solution that grows with your business!

Extensive Network

We have a win-win approach to any businesses we build a relationship with. Our team, consists of industry veterans who share the same values, are ready to take your projects where it needs to go. With viable funding strategy that we create with you in mind, we connect you to resources within our ecosystem of professional network that not only can be a capital sources but has the potential to drive growth to your business.

At FUNDVIBE Collective, 1 + 1 never equals just 2, it is excelled to ∞.

Investing & Joint Ventures

Where possible, practical, and feasible, we recommend potential key partners, or sometimes even join ventures with our own capital and resources. We are the advocate for entrepreneurs and business leaders who believe in the power of making a difference.

Get in touch with us to learn more about investing & Joint Venture opportunities! 

About FUNDVIBE Collective

We strive to be the most needed partner to take you across the finish line

Combining years of experiences from different walks of life and professional capabilities, we bring a total solution to any needs that a business has. Our access and network we built over the years, together with our professional integrity, puts us in an unrivaled position to service you, the way you deserve.

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Our Focus

Real Estate

We cover all asset categories, all deal types, and all transaction amounts in North America, and just about every continent and country in the world. We specialize in real estate development projects for funding, and also have limited capability to connect buyers for properties or portfolios of real estate assets for sale.


Technology has transformed the way we live and work, and it still strives to do just that - and we align with visionaries to make the next "can't live without" tech-enabled service to hit the market. What we like about technology is the shareable economy - making services accessible while strengthening the power of community through a digital platform. Great minds think alike!


We have hands-on, in house experience in cannabis development projects, so we use that to assist startups, property owners offering cannabis eligible properties for sale or lease, or even well seasoned and vertically integrated cannabis companies create viable funding strategies. We also consider joint venture options and opportunities when they are feasible and viable for all parties.


We believe in creating the New Model, where businesses with environmental friendly intent can combine strong financial returns, producing positive socio-environmental impact. From nature preservation to clean energy, we focus on creating the world with peaceful co-existence in mind.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
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